2 Thanksgiving Day Looks With Francesca’s

Happy Friday sweet friends! Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? I thought I was going to get a break from hosting this year but now that we have our sweet little one I wanted to be sure and make our first Turkey day together extra special!

Today I am sharing two outfits that are perfect for Thanksgiving. A dressy option and a casual option.

Also, Francesca’s is having a BOGO 50% sale right now so you can snag these looks for a steal and still in time for Thanksgiving!

Casual Look:


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A Letter To My Brothers

Hi loves! It’s currently Wednesday here in New Zealand so I didn’t want to say Happy Wednesday and completely throw you off!

I am happy to say that we arrived in Auckland yesterday safely and so far handling the jet lag quite well! However, I am extremely heart broken by the news the customs security officer shared with us not even 30 minutes after we landed. As soon as he took a look at our passports he started telling us about what took place in Las Vegas. Obviously we had not idea because we were on at flight but I mean ugh, just another reminder of what could happen in a matter of hours. So many lives taken too soon and so many injured. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected. Let’s donate to the families if you can, donate blood, whatever we can do let’s do that. I know we sometimes feel so helpless in situations like this asking ourselves what can we do when something so much bigger than us happens? Even the smallest gesture we can do makes a difference.


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Transitioning Summer Pieces Into Fall

Happy Monday beauties!

If you are like me and have some favorite summer items that you are just not ready to pack away yet then today’s post is or you!


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New York Fashion Week – Day One

 Hi friends! Ahhh, I am back and I am finally getting around to my first blog post since last Thursday! Thanks for being patient with me. Fashion Week was a non stop whirlwind but oh man was it literally the best time ever! Today I am sharing my first NYFW outfit as well as my first NYFW show.


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Bumble BFF: Finding Your Girl Gang

Hello friends, old and new!

If you have been reading the blog for some time now you know I love meeting new people! So you can understand my excitement when Bumble BFF asked me to partner up with them to advertise their app.

My first 3 thoughts? 1- what a genius idea! 2-Dang, why didn’t I think of that? 3- Finally, I get to swipe left and right! haha 🙂


Honestly, I think the concept is such a great idea. Actually writing an entire blog post wasn’t even part of our agreement but I am so for this app that I felt compelled to write more than my Instagram would allow me words!

4 Reasons You Should Sign Up For the Bumble BFF app

  1. You just moved to a new city- finding new friends when you’re an adult is a little harder than when you are in grade school. In 2nd grade we had new best friends everyday. At a new job in a new city, we may still be trying to figure out if we like our new coworkers enough to hang with them outside of the office.
  2. You are looking for your mom squad- no matter how fun your single girlfriends are, you just want someone you can relate to and talk about your Mom wins with. You want play dates for your angel but you also want adult conversation. Girl, I get it and so do the new mom’s on Bumble BFF
  3. You’re on the complete opposite end of the spectrum and not married and definitely not thinking about kids-find your new besties with this app that you can explore your city with and even travel with! Who needs boys anyway? 🙂
  4. Somewhere in between 2 and 3 like me- I am happily married and have the best girlfriends but most of my girlfriends are either single and ready to mingle or so busy with their kid’s activities. Bumble BFF can help you find girlies with similar interest in your city.

How do you sign up for the BumbleBFF app?

1- Just go to your app store and search BumbleBFF.

2- Once the app is downloaded it will ask you to sign in with some basic info or you can sign in through your Facebook page.

3-Make sure you take the time to fill in your short bio and some of your interests so the app can find you some new gal pals with the same interests.

**Warning: if you are happily married like myself be careful not to accidentally sign up for Bumble, the dating app. It’s essentially the same app so just don’t sign up for the dating site accidentally, lol.

xo, Roselyn