Cyber Monday Deals

So thankful for all of the Black Friday sales that have continued through the weekend and for Cyber Monday deals starting early! Otherwise, I may just have been late to the office the morning “running errands” AKA online shopping! 🙂

Even though I did some shopping yesterday I still hope to finish up the rest of my shopping today! Rounding up some great deals from some of my favorite stores below for you and I to take advantage of today!


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Gift Guide for the Girl Boss

Either you are one or you know one! 🙂 So today I am sharing a fun gift guide for the #girlboss in your life!


1. Magnetic Board

2. Kate Spade Business Card Holder

3. Girl Boss Mug

4. Best Year Ever Wall Calendar (I especially love this one!)

5. Kate Spade Portable Charger (girl bosses cannot be without their essentials!)

6. Big Plans Planner (because DUH, she’s got big plans)

7. Killin it Tee

8. I Am Very Busy Notebook for all the amazing ideas!

9. Mantra Bracelet

10. Gold Girl Boss Zip Pouch

I will be coming at ya with some fun gift guides, but as always, feel free to reach out to me directly if you are looking for something specific! I love helping you find the perfect gifts!

xo, Roselyn

Swirling Honey Boutique + Small Business Saturday

Who is still recovering from Thanksgiving?! This girl right here that’s for sure!

Thanksgiving may be one of my favorite times of year. Family and friends gathering around food. It may be a time you get to spend with loved ones that you really don’t  see throughout the year and then there’s pies…lots and lots of pies. It doesn’t get any better than that! Well, in our case, there was pies on top of red velvet & chocolate cake. If the Weaver’s are hosting an event and you are in charge of dessert, don’t come in here without something red velvet or chocolate LOL.

This year was our 3rd year hosting Turkey Day. Every year I choose to do the Turkey Trot 10K here in Houston. Yes, it kind of stresses me out because the entire time I’m running I’m thinking about all the things I still have to do that morning, but 1) That makes me run faster 2) I don’t feel so bad about everything I am about to consume that day and 3) It is for a good cause!

What really helps is that I prepare as much as I can the night before. I cook what I can in advance and also doing things like dicing onions, peeling potatoes and chopping up anything I will need for the next day. Doing this really saves so much time!


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Thanksgiving Outfit + Turkey Day Checklist

Happy Turkey week! Who else is as excited as they are stressed out this week?! LOL

I mean don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE hosting Thanksgiving in our home, but I always just want everything to be so perfect that I am a little stressed until the moment I can say “food is ready!”

I’m keeping todays post short and sweet so that you all can get back to your Thanksgiving week to do list, but I wanted to share a perfect for feasting outfit plus a checklist I use to keep myself on task every year!


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The Style Lynn Life Travels: Edinburgh, Scotland Itinerary

Okay, so Paris may have been my most favorite part of the trip, but Scotland comes in at a close second! It was SO beautiful you guys! These photos do not do it justice. You are just going to have to go see it with your own eyes 🙂

 It was even better than I imagined it would be. The greenery, the castles, the people playing bagpipes on the street, the cobblestone roads… Also, Brandon’s favorite movie of all time is Braveheart and some scenes were filmed in the Edinburgh Castle so I think this may have been his favorite stop of the trip!


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