Little Black Dress (that you can dance in!)

What makes a perfect Little Black Dress even more perfect? When you can dance in it!


So I know us girls say “I just need one black dress that I can wear over and over.” Well, we lied. We want multiple black dresses that we can wear over and over 🙂 so I linked up many of my favorite LBD’s below. All of them that you can dance in of course!

 P.S. How cute is this bag? I am obsessed!


  1. Lulu’s | 2. MNG | 3. Asos | 4. Asos | 5. Forever 21 | 6. H&M | 7. Topshop

As always thank you for stopping by loves! I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s holiday looks!

xo, Roselyn

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