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“It’s a new era in fashion- there are no rules” – Alexander McQueen







Alexander McQueen was known for bringing controversy and drama to the runway. He was a beautiful designer who set himself apart by taking major risks with fashion and presenting it in an even more over the top way! Fashion is what these talented designers and artists develop, style is what each individual does with it.

I love playing around with different looks! I love mixing prints and I love seeing how others pull them together! My own personal rule is that I don’t mix more than 2 prints if they are 2 bold patterns. I believe you can mix up to 4 if they are all in the same color family. What I love about the dress pictured here is that it does all the mixing for me! If you love the look, but not sure about how to pull it all together, test the waters with a dress that does all the work for you. I promise you’ll love it!

Here are 4 amazing dresses that I adore all under $100! Nordstrom, Forever 21Simply Sage & JCP!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I keep going into each weekend telling myself I am going to get a little rest yet each minute is quickly filled with things to do! Tonight I will get some R&R! Ice cream and September issues hot off the press sound about perfect to end the night.

Wishing everyone a GREAT week! Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Roselyn


D.I.Y. Jewelry Holder

So this is how these D.I.Y. projects normally come about in my house… I see something on HGTV or Pinterest that I super love and then I try researching my “ready to buy/use” option. Once I have sticker shock I tell myself ” I can totally make that for half the cost!” Yes, most times halfway through my projects I’m telling myself I should have just bought it and sometimes because it is not going as quickly as I like I try to find a way to make the process easier which brought us this post…what started as an anticipated 10 step process became a 4 step process! I read many different ways the “distressed” look could be achieved and while I started this project thinking I was going to use the 10 step candle wax option halfway through I decided I needed this to go quicker 🙂

Tools you will need:

  1. Wooden pallet- I used 2 different sizes
  2. Decorative cabinet/drawer knobs
  3. Electric Sander
  4. Electric Drill
  5. 2″ Flat Paint Brush
  6. Foam Paint Brush
  7. Base Paint
  8. Top Coat Paint
  9. Paper Towels
  10. Paint Container

Step One:

Sand pallet to make as smooth as possible.


Step Two:

Using the 2″ flat paint brush, paint the pallet with the base color of your choice. I used a dark gray.

Let dry for 24 hours.


Step Three:

Pour top coat/lighter paint (I used French Silver) into a paint container. Mix in water, 1 teaspoon at a time until paint is like a thin wash. Test on small spot of pallet and be sure it does not bubble when applying. Once you test the small section apply to entire pallet using your foam brush. Allow to dry for 24 hours.


Step 4:

Drill holes where you want to place your knobs and screw knobs in. Add accessories and VOILA! You can now add handyman to your resume!  🙂


xoxo, Roselyn

Feeling Floral

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”
IMG_8431[1]You can never go wrong with floral prints! The black base of this dress is perfect because you can easily take it into fall with your favorite booties! Let’s be honest though, for any of you fashionistas living in this Texas weather with me, it does not feel like fall is ANYWHERE near! But hey, I can live in dresses all day long so no complaints here!





Dress: Forever 21 | Booties: JustFab (similar)

Here are 4 more must have styles that are all under $40 from NordstromAsos, H&M, and Urban Outfitters.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Kevin Hart’s show last night was hilarious (duh) 🙂 and we went to Andalucia Tapas Restaurant for dinner which was delicious! We saw a B.Y.O.W. sign on the way out so I think it’s safe to say we will coming back soon! I will be sharing my outfit details from last night this week! Wishing everyone a blessed week!

xoxo, Roselyn


Accessorize Simplicity

“Saying you don’t look good in a hat is like saying you don’t look good in shoes!” – Unknown


It’s been a crazy busy month and suddenly, a few weeks ago, I started suffering from these super bad migraines. Thursday I went and got acupuncture as an attempt to get rid of them. I really did feel an automatic release of pressure. Maybe it’s mental? I don’t know, but I think it worked! Yesterday I was able to walk around without major pain so I’d say that’s a win! Anyway, with all that being said life does not pause for such things so we must go on! Yesterday I was able to pull myself together 🙂 Although, I still did not want to think too much about what to put on and I depended on dry shampoo for hair styling, hence the cute hat. It’s amazing what accessories can do to our simple outfits.





Top: Forever 21 (similar) | Denim: Levi’s for Target (Warning: The image on their site does not make them look flattering at all, but I came across these while shopping for groceries, story of my life, and I LOVE the fit.) | Hat: Fashion Manor | Shoes: Lulu’s (similar for only $22!) | Bracelets: Fashion Manor | Clutch: Similar here and here

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned! The Mr. and I will be going to see the hilarious Kevin Hart tonight with our amazing friends. Hoping I come home with abs from laughing so hard! 🙂 Also, I have a super easy DIY jewelry holder to share with you all that I have been working on so hopefully I can post it this weekend!

Happy Saturday loves!

xoxo, Roselyn


Tropi-Cool Romper


Something about white against freshly sun kissed (or airbrushed) skin makes me feel like I have just returned from a beach vacation. Or maybe I am just in need of one! I have added quite a few rompers to my wardrobe this summer, but this beauty is definitely one of my favorites! The eye catching floral print on this romper is perfection. It also makes as a perfect option to pack for a vacation because you can easily dress it up or keep it casual.

I styled it here with tan heels, a tan clutch and a coral necklace for a perfect summer look!




Romper: Anjouils | Shoes: Aldo (similar and on sale for under $50!) | Necklace: Fashion Manor | Clutch: Asos (similar all leather and only $51!)

Keep it more casual with flat sandals and this oversized tote which is a must have when traveling! The amount of magazines and snacks you can fit in here is pretty impressive.



 Sandals: Steve Madden (similar) | Handbag: JustFab

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! The Mr. and I had a great service at church Saturday although the AC was not working too well. It was a little rough at first, but I fortunately had something sleeveless on. I felt especially bad for my husband in his 3 piece suit! As soon as I looked over at him I realized I didn’t have it so bad!

 I also got to spend some much needed relaxation time with some of my best girls AND I got to see one of my other bestest girlfriends and her sweet 5 day (today makes 6) old baby! She is just SO precious and I could have stayed there holding her for hours!

Monday wasn’t as fun, but hey we made it through right?! On the bright side we are only 4 more sleeps away from Friday!

Thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, Roselyn