Bird Print Midi Dress

Hey there friends!

We have a special Tuesday post today because when we left for Napa last week my lack of planning skills made me forget the SD card that had the photos I needed for Friday’s post. Waaah!

On the bright side, you get 4 posts this week since I really couldn’t wait another day to share this bird print dress with you!!

midi printed dress

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Put Some Zing In Your Day


I’m pretty excited to be talking about food today and a healthy option at that! If you know me personally, you know that I love my food and I literally need to eat every 2 hours or I become extremely hangry.

Hangry like borderline you probably don’t want to be my friend anymore. 🙂

So, to keep my friendships (and marriage) secure I always pack emergency snacks in my purse. Today I am sharing my favorite nutrition bars as of lately! I also wanted to share a workout I have been partaking in lately and have quickly become obsessed with!

workout wear-casual outfit ideas

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Style_Lynn Edit: Wines Under $15

Monday I shared some of my favorite Houston coffee shops to help you get through the day but today I am sharing some of my favorite wines that help get me through life! 🙂

Also, I figured the hue of this dress was perfect for wine Wednesday 🙂

wine wednesday-bell sleeve dress-lace sleeves wines under $15

Spicy: Jalapino White & Cabanero Red- If you have come over for a get together or invited me to one, I most likely shared a bottle of this with you. It’s SO good! My good friend Sarah introduced me to these! A night I’ll never remember, haha!  I buy them at HEB.

Favorite Whites– Robert Mondavi Reisling & Chateau St. Michelle Pinot Grigio

Rose`: If I want Rose` all day, I can’t be paying $30 per bottle 🙂 I’ve written about Mia before and it’s still one of my favorites! Another fav is Dark Horse.

Reds: Dreaming Tree Cab & Tribunal Red

Something Sweeter: You can’t go wrong with Prima Mazzo Moscato D’Asti but Mad Housewife is also one you should definitely try! Also, the label and name of the Mad Housewife bottle make it perfect for gifting! 🙂

What are some of your favorite wines?! I always love to try new ones so comment with your favorite below.

xo, Roselyn

Houston Coffee Shops

Oh hey Monday, we meet again. (insert straight faced, not impressed emoji here).

Mondays are inevitable so thank goodness for coffee right?! Most days I make my coffee at home before I leave the house but some days I just need an extra pick me up and something a little more sweeter (and prettier!) that’s where I turn to my favorite Houston coffee spots!


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