An Open Letter To Our Son

Dear Baby Weaver,

365 days ago you were born. 136 days ago you were brought home to us.

I want this letter to be a permanent reminder of how wonderful you are and how much you are loved. Watching you take joy in each day fills us with so much happiness and seeing how strong willed you are at 1 year old is proof that you have everything inside of you that will get you to wherever you want to go and be whatever you want to be.

Baby Weaver, I’m not exactly sure why obstacles are thrown our way. I want to believe it’s to teach us different things and to make us stronger individuals. What I do know is that the obstacles that your Daddy and I had to endure brought us you and I’m not sure there could have been a happier ending.

There are no accidents and God brought us together for a reason. You have changed our lives and you, my son, are our answered prayer.

 I remember the evening I first held you like it was yesterday. It’s crazy to think that at 2pm one afternoon we were rushing home to meet you and by 7pm that same evening you were fast asleep between us like that’s exactly where we were all meant to be.

This is exactly where we are all meant to be.

Your Daddy and I weren’t there on day 1 but I promise we will be here for you everyday going forward. We promise to teach you, to guide you, to never keep you from anything that makes you happy (unless it’s a girlfriend 🙂 )

I know some things may not make sense to you. Sometimes they don’t make sense to me either. But we can focus on what we do know. You are so loved. You are so smart. You are so funny. You are so kind.

I love you so so much baby boy. It’s a bummer that I currently cannot share your smiling face with the world but I want you to a look at this picture and see the smiles that you put on Mommy and Daddy’s face simply by being you.


I love you, Mommy

1st Birthday Celebration: Baby Weaver’s Candy Shop

This past Sunday we celebrated our sweet baby boy’s first birthday with our family and friends. It was the best day having our loved ones over to celebrate him. You all know I can only share so much but today I do want to share his cute little candy shop themed party along with some photos of the amazing people he has in his life.

Life has gotten so much sweeter since he entered into our lives so Baby Weaver’s Candy Shop seemed like the perfect theme!


 We got this bounce house from Sky High Party Rentals and I love how it went with the theme perfectly!

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Work Wear: Blue Power Suit

One way to get me up on a Monday is knowing I have a cute outfit to put on. 🙂


Shop this look:

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2 Free People Pieces That Are Essential For Spring & Summer

Happy Friday!

Spring is basically here! Well at least for most of us. (Sorry my sweet friends still experiencing snow storms. What in the world?!)

You all know I love me some Free People. Some of their items can get really pricey but their basics are so affordable, such great quality and today I am sharing 2 pieces that I think every gal needs in her spring/summer wardrobe!


Shop this look:

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Work/Life “Balance” As A Blogger

My most frequently asked question is “how do I balance it all?” which is funny because most days I don’t feel balanced at all LOL


Shop this look:

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The Perfect Midi Dress

This dress would be so perfect for a date night out but our getting dressed up date nights are a little non existent right now so I’ll just be a little extra at the office. 🙂


Shop this look:

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Floral Print Gingham Dress + A Month Of Firsts

Okay so October used to be my favorite month because my birthday DUH but March is officially my new favorite!

Baby Weaver turns one this month and there are so many firsts for our little family that I cannot contain my excitement!

asos-summer-dresses affordable-summer-dresses spring-gingham-dresses floral-gingham-dress out-of-office-beach-bag red-tassel-earrings out-of-office-outfit cute-weekend-outfits

Outfit Details: Dress: ASOS (this sold out so fast! I’m so sorry! I literally just bought it and shot it last week! I am linking similar options below) | Sandals: Steve Madden | Sunglasses: Target | Beach Tote: Honeymoon Hats

First of all, let’s talk about what Yash and I had to do to get the perfect shot with those flowers. We were in the middle of downtown and I just wanted a shot in front of some trees or by some flowers. Low and behold we found a patch of colorful, freshly bloomed flowers in front of an office building. So what do I do? Stand in the middle of the flower bed, duh. LOL. Don’t worry I did not step or kill any flowers for this shot. I was very careful on where I stepped. Did we get asked to leave by security? Maybe. But that’s not what we are talking about today 🙂

Soooo….baby’s first birthday, YAY! I cannot believe our little man is turning one and I cannot believe we were given such a wonderful blessing to get to experience so many firsts with him. His sitting up on his own, eating baby food for the first time, learning to crawl, his laughing…Yes, I’m going to pretend he didn’t know laughter until me 🙂

To celebrate we are taking his sweet and oh so deserving self to….DISNEY WORLD!!!! It will be all of our first time in Florida and Disneyworld. I am so crazy excited I just can’t hide it! I actually have to be in Florida for work the week following his birthday so Brandon, baby and I will just fly out a little early for a birthday trip vacay!

I’m not sure if I told you guys but baby is obsessed with Elena of Avalor. Not sure how Brandon and him stumbled across it but it has quicky become his favorite. I joked that all the boys would be in line for Mickey and we are going to be in line with all the little princess girls waiting to meet Elena. Well played baby Weaver, well played.

Another first is happening this weekend. We are having a family date to the Houston Rodeo! Yay! Fried oreos for mama, petting some farm animals for baby and Brandon better win me a stuffed animal this time! 🙂

Also, this just occurred to me…does baby Weaver need his first pair of cowboy boots now? lol

xo, Roselyn

Photos by Banavenue Photography